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BELLAGIOIA: Unique and personally handcrafted replica silver jewellery.

BellaGioia offers an extensive collection of replica silver jewellery in classic designs and contemporary trends while constantly coming up with new, innovative designs. Other than white diamond simulants, BellaGioia jewellery is also crafted using high quality, stunning fancy colour simulants and lab created stones such as the fancy yellow, fancy pink, emerald, sapphire, ruby and other expensive natural stone shades. BellaGioia jewellery is set in sterling silver and stamped with 925 mark and the company signet BA that proves the authenticity of our product and craftsmanship. The jewellery then is plated with rhodium and gold, and is identical to pure gold in appearance and artistry. It is in our craftsmen’s competency to study and apply any specific setting and plating complementing the cut and shade of the stone and the form of each model of BellaGioia replica silver jewellery. In the final touch, a thorough finishing and polishing are carried out in the same way that are usually performed on the finest jewellery.

Bella Gioia replica silver jewellery is made for modern, savvy women who understand the quality of luxurious jewellery and yet wanting to feel safe wearing it. Other than special and important occasions, BellaGioia replica silver jewellery is also designed for everyday use and travel purposes.



BellaGioia replica silver jewellery gives a stunning and dazzling look of a priceless diamond jewellery at a fraction of the price.
This makes BellaGioia jewellery highly affordable for those looking for class and elegance, without renouncing quality and craftsmanship.