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In order to have a brilliant and sparkling diamond simulant, the quality of the raw material is most imperative. BellaGioia uses only the best selection of stones without renouncing the principal characteristics of natural stones.

After the selection is made, the stones are cut by highly skilled craftsmen who would individually hand-cut them with great attention and accuracy. Quality control is highly emphasized by our craftsmen who would examine the precision of the cut to make sure our stones give the best clarity and brilliance.

When the desired cut is achieved, the stones are sent for polishing as the final step. Proper polishing is extremely important because even if the best quality stone is applied with the best cut, it will not achieve the results of a dazzling and sparkling prized diamond without careful polishing. 

BellaGioia places great importance on these primary processes that guarantee exceptional quality in appearance and craftsmanship of diamond simulant jewellery.

Asscher Cut

Gioialite asscher cut stones are characterised by a step cut that enhances the clarity of the pure transparent lab created material.

Only experienced master diamond cutters are able to process the finishing and polishing with exacting proportions to get absolutely perfect length-to-width ratios.

Princess Cut

Gioialite princess cut stone is a brilliant cut with numerous facets in order to achieve exceptional brilliance.

The result of this extraordinary cutting technique is next to perfection flawless diamond look.

Pear Shape Cut

Gioialite pear shape cut stone is a fancy cut that is a variation of a traditional round brilliant which combines the oval and marquise cut.

The beauty of an excellent pear shape cut is a fiery stone with lots of wonderful sparkle and flash.

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